In the Realm of Philosophy

Close-up of ancient tree bark texture, revealing nature's intricate patterns and history.
Detailed shot of weathered tree trunk surface, showcasing the beauty of time and nature's artistry.
Captivating texture of aged tree wood, a testament to the enduring elegance of the natural world.
At Tor Design, we aspire to craft works of art that transcend time, creating lasting legacies for generations. Our designs beckon you to contemplate the intricate patterns of nature, revealing the profound beauty concealed in every facet of existence. Through wood, we catch a glimpse of the cosmic order that governs our world, where the divine intricacies of the universe are echoed in the graceful lines of wood.
Delve into the shared passion that drives our small but dedicated team of enthusiasts. We are profoundly devoted to preserving nature, the art of woodworking, and our craft. Our worldview embraces holistic living and the "slow" design philosophy, channels through which we express our deep-seated love and gratitude for life.

In nature's embrace, my hands entwine the tree

Welcome to the profound realm of Tor Design, where we embark on an intellectual odyssey guided by our unwavering philosophy. Here, we delve into the very essence of our work, where words and actions align in a harmonious symphony of creativity.

Uncover the origin story of our family-owned venture, established by Dmitrii Solodchenko in 1990. It's a tale of daily communion with the wood's captivating beauty, sparking the innovative idea of showcasing its enchantment through alternative means.
Explore how wood, as the most inviting material in the cosmos and the oikumene, strikes a chord with our souls. The intricate patterns of wood's vessels mirror the interconnectedness of the macro and micro worlds. Nature herself serves as our ultimate teacher, and the pursuit of understanding wood becomes a profound journey of unveiling its beauty.

Witness the culmination of our extensive experience in interior decoration, a pivotal factor that empowers us to craft exquisite wood wall decor panels. Our esteemed clientele includes globally renowned brands such as Microsoft, alongside cherished local establishments.

timeless narrative

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Our panels embody a profound connection with wood, not merely as a material but as a philosophy and embodiment of nature's essence. The intricate patterns within the wood grains tell the story of time and nature's artistry, serving as a canvas for the philosophy of life's interwoven complexities. Each panel represents a unique chapter in this timeless narrative, invoking a sense of wonder and tranquility, much like nature itself. It's more than decor; it's a glimpse into the soul of the wood and a reflection of our deep reverence for its wisdom and beauty.
In the world of woodworking, there exists a profound connection between the art of crafting wood and the purity of consciousness. As we delve into the heart of this harmonious relationship, we discover that the very act of working with wood has the potential to cleanse the soul.

Wood, with its warm and grounding presence, acts as a conduit for the energy of nature. It embodies the essence of purity, drawing us closer to the simple, unadulterated beauty of the natural world.
When artisans engage with wood, they embark on a journey of mindfulness and presence. The process demands attention to detail, patience, and respect for the material. Each cut, each carving, is a meditation in itself, fostering a deep connection between the craftsman and the wood.

Through the act of creation, the mind becomes still, and the clutter of everyday life fades away. In this stillness, a sense of purity emerges—a clarity of purpose and a profound understanding of the material's innate beauty.